Winter Alchemy Cleanse

The Ten-Day Winter Restoration Cleanse

Does winter have you feeling overweight, overwhelmed and sluggish?

Maybe you feel...

  • Chilled and disheartened with the winter blues.
  • Sick of carrying around all that excess weight so long after the holidays.
  • Stressed out caring for everyone else with barely enough time for you.

You’re not alone. When life is busy — especially in the cold winter months — it’s all too common to pay the price through lack of sleep, poor nutrition and missed exercise.

Unfortunately, all this leads to a less-than-optimal you that can last all year long.

Nutrition expert Esther Cohen can help you avoid all this. When you enroll in the Ten-Day Winter Restoration program, you will help yourself avoid the winter blahs and the holiday weight gain.

This cleanse will regenerate your body. It will reduce inflammation, reset your gut and restore your personal commitment to nourishing yourself.

Imagine how delicious it's going to
feel when...

  • You lose your winter weight naturally, without trying.
  • You look and feel years younger.
  • You’re free of food cravings.
  • You’re easily feeding your body what makes you feel your best.
  • Your mood swings are a thing of the past. Instead you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident.
  • You’re filled with energy. And you feel light, flexible and free.

Nourish yourself with a ten-day, body-cleansing plan full of nutrient-rich broths, deliciously warm soups and personal practices that recharge your natural energy and drive!

Ready to plant seeds for new life in the spring?

Your 10-day Winter Restoration Program Includes:

  • A 80-page Winter Restoration Ebook loaded with day-by-day guidance, nourishing practices, and delicious recipes for soups and stews. One visit to the store or your local butcher and you’re
    good to go!
  • A ten day supply of supplements to support and enhance the liver and colon detoxification pathways.


As an aging athlete, I love the energy and improved recovery that I experienced during the cleanse program. I had no idea that what I eat can have this profound effect on my physical and emotional well-being. Learning to listen to what my body wants in order to be strong and healthy is a gift that has changed my life.”

Betsy, Louisville, CO 

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About Esther

Through the past 30 years I’ve worked with migrant and Indian health and have been in private practice in Boulder Colorado. I am the founder and director of the Nourishment Education Foundation(501C3), and the Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment, and Healing.

As a pioneer in the field of the psychology of eating, I spent years working with Eating Disorders and Addiction, and co-designed the first Eating Disorders Program at Kaiser Permanente, Colorado.

I am the author of Alchemy of Nourishment: The Art, Science and Magic of Eating as well as many nutritional guides and articles. I have taught extensively at numerous colleges and universities including Naropa University, University of Colorado, and Southwest Acupuncture College.

I’ve spent the past 35 years dedicated to learning everything out there related to embodied psychology, physiology and energetics of eating and healing dis-ease in the body.

After years of study in Touch for Health, 5 Element Acupressure, and Meditative Practices, I pursued a path to integrate western science and received a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University. In addition I am a Registered Dietician and Functional Nutritionist. I earned my certification as an Intuitive Counselor from the National Institute of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and am a certified BodyTalk and Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

My mission is simple: to give you the tools you need to heal yourself (or stay healthy) and live the life your soul longs to live. I want to help you activate your own inner-alchemy to understand how the consciousness held in your body and organs influences your physical, mental and emotional symptoms. The goal is to turn your story into gold so you thrive on life.


I did the 21-day cleanse and it was everything Esther said it would be: more energy and calmness. And on day eight, my face rash, which I have had for over a year, really toned down and is continuing to heal. Regaining my self-discipline and sense of health was worth all the juicing and brewing. Now, I am embracing most of the program, even after the 21-Days.”

Jim, Boulder, CO

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“I was amazed at how vibrant and alive I felt by the end of the program! I have done it twice and many of my food sensitivities and gut issues have healed. Plus, I lost about 7 pounds every time I did it and continued to lose weight almost effortlessly after it was over! Now, I  incorporate many of the cleanse elements in my daily life; I love how this cleanse lends itself to that, instead of being strict and impossibly virtuous for two weeks and then just falling off the wagon and returning to your usual patterns. I have done that a LOT… but this time I was able to use Esther’s program to reconstruct my eating habits and my whole attitude towards nourishing myself. Thank you!”

~Elaine, Niwot, CO

“Esther Cohen has synthesized a lifetime of study, practice, and understanding into a rich book. This is not a gimmicky, hack-your-way to health book, It's a thoughtful, heart-full, and body-wise resource for all of us who want to enjoy the deepest nourishment. Wise and delicious.” 

~Eric San Diego, Ca

“Esther’s cleanses are wildly insightful and easy to understand and implement. She gives you a truly well balanced approach to healing and resetting your mind, body, and spirit. I found the recipes and meal plans to be fairly easy with planning and 100% delicious. I would absolutely recommend her cleanses to the novice, as well as, the experienced health seeker. Enjoy!” 

~Amazon Review

“I love the recipes and have cooked most of them. I’ve done a number of cleanses with Esther and am in the middle of the 10 day winter cleanse. Esther’s Cleanses, to me, are about ‘food as medicine.’ Every recipe is both delicious and healthy. And Esther explains why this is so. I passed this on to a dozen good friends. Her book is my go-to cookbook.” 

~Sally, Bend Or.

“Esther’s seasonal cleanses have changed my life. The meals are wonderful and you never feel deprived. The first time I followed the cleanse diet my doctor had to decrease the dosage of my thyroid medication - the same dose I had been taking for 20 years! In addition, both my husband and I lose weight while cleansing. It’s amazing to eat more than we usually do and still lose weight.” 

~SK, New Jersey 

“Esther Cohen is an extremely talented nutritionist and intuitive healer. She helped me through peri-menopausal issues and guided my recovery from pneumonia in just one week. She balanced my son’s allergies to soy and my other son’s emotional adjustment issues at school. I have seen her improve people’s health in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to live a healthier, more balanced life.” 

~EN Louisville, Co

“Esther seamlessly integrates her various expertise to meet your healthcare concerns. She complements and enhances any healthcare method you are pursuing by providing sound advice in nutrition and supplementation, while using energy medicine to address mind/body/spirit issues often overlooked in conventional western medicine. If you want to feel better and are wondering how, go see Esther!” 

~SM Denver, Co

“My son’s rare blood disorder resolved the day after Esther treated him! I would recommend her to anyone in need of physical, spiritual or nutritional balance.” 

~LN Lafayette, Co

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