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  • 21 Days of Supplements and Nutritional Shakes to support total body-detox, organ function, nutrition and weight loss:

    – MonoPure High Grade Fish Oil: to reduce inflammation, support mental and cardiovascular function and to promote healthy glucose metabolism
    – Opticleanse GHI Cleanse Powder: a nutritional shake designed to support gastrointestinal function and balanced detoxification. Provides a daily dose of crucial amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
    – ProbioMax Daily Probiotic: a vegetarian, dairy- and gluten-free, four-strain probiotic totaling 30 billion CFU† per capsule.
    – Drainage Tincture: a combination of homeopathic liver “drainers” with homeopathic remedies that to support excretory function and lymphatic drainage.
    – GI Protect Detox Powder: supports immune function, healthy cytokine activity, gut barrier function, and gastrointestinal health and tissue repair.
    – Organic & Wildcraft Herbal Infusion: nettles (diuretic & detoxifier), dandelion leaf (tonifies the organs & liver detoxifier), red clover (diuretic & detoxifier), lemon balm (anti-inflammatory & digestive support), and hibiscus flowers (anti-inflammatory & liver support).

  • Your 10-day Winter Restoration Program Includes:

    • A 80-page Winter Restoration Ebook loaded with day-by-day guidance, nourishing practices, and delicious recipes for soups and stews. One visit to the store or your local butcher and you’re good to go!
    • A ten day supply of supplements to support and enhance the liver and colon detoxification pathways.

    For more information please email: alchemyofnourishment@gmail.com

  • Cellular detox is important to improve the mitochondrial function within the cell. It is in the mitochondria where the cell generates and utilizes ATP for every function in the body.

    This cellular detox package includes two supplements specifically designed to to help improve the function of your cell membranes, reduce the impact of bio-films, and improve every function in your body.

  • Thrive: The Fall Immune Fortification and Immune Enhancing Cleanse
    A 14-day immersion into the Alchemy of Nourishment

    As a participant in the Cleanse you will receive:

    • A lymphatic formula to support the body’s drainage pathways
    • A high potency Fish Oil to reduce inflammation
    • My Fall Immuni-Tea
    • GHI Opti-Cleanse, a great tasting cleanse powder to support the body’s detox pathways
    • Medical-grade probiotics to rebuild a healthy gut

    If you still need to purchase the book, head over to Amazon.com to grab it, there is a link in the store you can click that will take you there.

    **price includes shipping**

Showing all 5 results