Thrive: The Fall Immune Fortification and Immune Enhancing Cleanse

A 14-day immersion into the Alchemy of Nourishment


Cleansing is a crucial element of a nourished life. An important, life-affirming ritual in ancient civilizations, it is even more necessary to engage in regular cleanses in today’s world.

Often a complicating factor contributing to symptoms, dis-ease and illness is toxic overload stemming from a compromised detoxification process. In other words, our exposure to an increasingly toxic world can contribute to problems such as: food sensitives, nutrient deficiencies, improper estrogen metabolism, adrenal insufficiency, poor blood sugar regulation, headaches, weight gain, lack of energy, brain fog, IBS, high blood pressure and even cancer.

My easy to follow, step-by-step guides lead you to tangible, positive changes in your relationship with food, lifestyle, physical, and emotional health.Unlike many cleanses out there, my cleanses are food-based – aiming not to deprive but rather, to deeply nourish.By restoring normal functioning and establishing a healthy digestive system, my clients and students have experienced increased quality of life, decreased anxiety and depression, better sleep, reduced inflammation, resolution of symptoms, weight loss, and a boost in overall energy.

As a participant in Thrive: The Fall Fortification Cleanse, you will receive:

  • My book: Alchemy of Nourishment: The Art, Science and Magic of Eating
  • A lymphatic formula to support the body’s drainage pathways
  • A high potency Fish Oil supplement to reduce inflammation
  • My 14-Day Herbal Fall Immunit-Tea
  • GHI Opti-Cleanse, a great tasting cleanse powder to support the body’s detox pathways
  • Medical-grade probiotics to rebuild a healthy gut

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